About Us

Maa Illu is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, registered in May, 2006. Started by Gaade Inna Reddy with 32 children, we now have over 200 inmates. We strive to help vulnerable children by providing them with education, food, health care, clothing, and shelter – regardless of religion and social status. We hope to bring happiness to the lives of neglected children, with care and love.

We do all that is required to make disabled children enjoy a better quality of life by providing them with specialized equipment they need. We also find families for homeless children within the country and abroad. in the past 8 years, we have been able to place abandoned and relinquished children in loving homes.

We with the help of Prajadharana University, we not only offer education but also vocational courses to those children who are under-privileged. Once the children become major, Maa Illu respects their individuality and gives them liberty to choose their choicest profession and martial life.

We, at Maa Illu, believe that true and sustainable development can be achieved only by moving out into the community and not restricting our services within the organization’s premises. In this direction, we have started various programmes. Among them is Family Foster Care, which not only helps children to experience love and care but also helps families too.